What can I say about Ben Leggett that hasn’t already been said? He’s passionate about what he does, and the results speak for themselves. Any project he takes on becomes his baby, and he never settles for second best. His studio is in his suitcase, and he’s willing to travel basically anywhere you’re comfortable with to get the best out of you, the artist. What can I say, he made me sound good, and that’s no simple task.”

-Driver MacIver, DAGO RED

I can’t say enough amazing things about what Ben achieved for our album Floods & Fires. It never would have happened without Ben’s commitment and drive to get the most out of the songs and the performers that he could. Ben became part of our family while we recorded/tracked – with Rowan insisting on involving him in play activities, and the zoo of cats and dogs attempting to nest on him as he perched over the monitor, cleaning takes, tuning vocals and generally ensuring that every vocal and instrumental were the best they could be. Our neighbors would inquire when his car was away – ‘where is he recording now?’. When anyone else would’ve said ‘those takes are enough – i’ll make it work’, Ben would gauge and say – just one more, or even trickier, would move you on to another song and double back to get the best elements to work with. Ben never said anything was impossible – he’d pause, consider it, and then find a way. From recording clarinet at the grad house on mcgill campus, to tracking strings + horns in the swelter of the living room, to building walls of choral hits with Lee Carter’s students at Nepean High School. I appreciate his friendship and feel very lucky to have been able to work with Ben on the engineering, production and co-writing for this album. Thanks to Ben – scoop some time with him for your project while he is available.

Craig Cardiff

Without Ben Leggett, Bohemian Cove would simply be a dusty project on a shelf. Throughout the three years that I have known Ben, he has been able to transform my early grunge beginnings into a CBC Radio 3 Track of the Day with my track ‘The Bombs are Here’ and has helped me progress to the acoustic, violin and mandolin infused acoustic rock with my latest release, Completely in Blue. No matter what type of music I wished to bring into the studio, Ben has immersed himself in the tunes and has been able to bring the absolute best out of both the instruments, and the instrumentalists. In a way that no other producer that I have worked with has been able to do. He has a fine ear for hooks and works to best suit the musician he is currently working with. In all my years of recording music, I have yet to meet anyone with a comparable ear. His drum tones are impeccable and priceless. He understands the bass and its importance in the song. He can help you write a lead hook on the guitar, or help you to improve on your existing hook. And he even knows a thing or two about engaging lyrics.
If you are looking to make the absolute most out of your recording experience, go with Ben Leggett Recording. If I was offered $100,000 to record my next album, I would hire Ben in a second to be the engineer.
He knows his stuff, and he’s not a douchebag. And trust me, when it comes to recording an album, the whole ‘not a douchebag’ thing goes a long way.

-Chris Curry of Bohemian Cove

I can honestly say The experience getting our music mixed was amazing going through Ben Leggett , he didn’t ask us a million questions, he didn’t say anything about any tracking not being “good enough” he just mixed a great product and treated us with perfect respect. Same with mastering with beach road, Ziggy was exemplary,

-Nick Houle of Backline Revival


Holy shit that sounds good! i can’t even handle it! i fliped when i heard that man.

great job!

I’ll send you my next one as soon as i get it recorded

-Isaac Boyes

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