2012 JUNO Nominee - Producer/Engineer for Craig Cardiff's nominated album Floods & Fires.

2015 NOMFA Nominee - Engineer of the year (Rose-Erin Stokes - Not Alone)

Lets make some music!
As your producer I will work with you and your vision to make it a reality. I will work with you from square one on EVERY aspect of recording your song or album. From the creative side to the business side, I will ensure the right choices are made.
As your recording engineer I will get the most out of the recording studio, gear and musicians ensuring the best possible sounds are recorded.
As your mixer I will bring the recordings to life. Ensuring the message gets across and the listener feels the emotional impact they are supposed to feel. Your song needs to jump out of those speakers!!

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Credits & Testimonials

“I can’t say enough amazing things about what Ben achieved for our album Floods & Fires. It never would have happened without Ben’s commitment and drive to get the most out of the songs and the performers that he could.”

- Craig Cardiff

“What can I say about Ben Leggett that hasn’t already been said? He’s passionate about what he does, and the results speak for themselves. Any project he takes on becomes his baby, and he never settles for second best.”

- Driver MacIver of Dago Red

“He knows his stuff, and he doesn't have an ego. And trust me, when it comes to recording an album, the whole ‘not having an a ego’ thing goes a long way. ”

- Chris Curry of Bohemian Cove

“I can honestly say The experience getting our music mixed was amazing going through Ben Leggett, he didn’t ask us a million questions, he didn’t say anything about any tracking not being “good enough” he just mixed a great product and treated us with perfect respect.

- Nick Houle of Backline Revival

“Holy shit that sounds good! I can’t even handle it! I fliped when I heard that man. Great job!”

- Isaac Boyes